Transformity serves as a hub of collaboration, insight and successful strategy execution in the CPA profession.




Transformity serves as a hub of collaboration, insight and successful strategy execution to lead the best organizations in the CPA profession to unparalleled growth and transformation. In today’s business world of increased complexity and constant change, a strategy of simplistic innovation wins. And that’s exactly what we specialize in – simplistic innovation and transformation to position organizations into sustainable industry-leaders. Stop talking about transformation and change – and begin to act, today. Transformity is here to support you and help make that goal a successful reality.

Transformity Advisors

strategic Visioning AND Planning

Utilizing the powerful V+AIM model uniquely developed by our thought leaders

Strategic Visioning and Planning

Utilizing the powerful V+AIM (Vision + Action Plan, Invest, Magnify) model uniquely developed by our thought leaders, this service offering provides clients with a simple roadmap to transform into the organization they desire to become. The old strategic planning model conducted at annual partner retreats is just that, old and outdated. This service is designed around gaining leadership alignment to a desired future state several years into the future, and systematically working that back into a one-year strategic action plan. The action plan focuses on aligning one-year objectives and quarterly action items to make meaningful progress toward the future vision.

Gone are the days of creating a broad vision without any plan to accomplish it, or, worse yet, having ongoing 1-year strategic plans that contradict each other year after year. This unique offering truly is the future of strategic visioning and planning to propel firms forward.

Process and Technology Optimization

In today’s dynamic CPA firm, process and technology must go hand-in-hand. We customize every consulting offering in this area to meet the unique objectives of our clients. Whether it’s evaluating new workflow tools, building better client-facing data gathering and PBC processes, selecting the right software, or optimizing processes through incorporating more automation tools into a process, our thought leaders are the industry experts in identifying the optimal process to align with the right technology.

TechnoloGy Optimization

Technology consulting and implementation Strategies

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects and training 

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Transformity Solutions combines a proprietary blend of Lean, Six Sigma and Engagement Management strategies to elevate and improve the performance of CPA and professional service processes. Our thought leaders have over 30 years of combined process improvement experience and are the pioneers in deploying Lean Six Sigma within the CPA profession.

Whether it’s updating and improving a tax process, or redefining and enhancing a firm’s audit processes to better manage engagements, Transformity has well-crafted packages to meet the unique needs of our clients

Strategic Vendor Consulting

Transformity Solutions has identified an unfulfilled need that many technology vendors serving the profession have: strategic and focused ‘Voice of the Client’ guidance to better position their products to properly serve the evolving needs of CPA firms. Our experts have a thorough understanding of the technology landscape, along with unmatched insight into CPA firm operations and future trends, to help connect the dots with leading technology providers to not only meet firms where they need to be today, but run with them to where they’re heading tomorrow.

Our customized offerings to technology vendors help create the ultimate win-win – for the vendor and for the firms they are privileged to serve.


Strategic and focused guidance for better product positioning


Leadership and Entrepreneurial Coaching

Leadership and entrepreneurial consulting 

Leadership and Entrepreneurial Coaching

Michael and Dustin love being entrepreneurs. What we’ve discovered is our passion for entrepreneurship and trail blazer leadership has led to rising leaders in the profession and new entrepreneurs in the profession seeking us out for guidance and direction. That has turned into a win-win service opportunity where we get to share our insights and perspectives in a way that is inspirational, motivational and action-oriented for these entrepreneurial leaders to grow their teams and their businesses.

Consulting and Advisory Skill Set Development

The future success and growth of CPA firms is dependent upon the successful transition and growth of their team to become much more advisory and consultative with their clients. As compliance work continues to be automated and further commoditized, the ability of a firm to develop and redeploy their talent into advisory-type roles will be critical.

Our unique approach to build out the skill sets and mindsets to become successful consultants and advisors is born from real-world experience and examples. Our thought leaders have literally “been there, done that” with regard to developing and running consulting segments within firms and successfully making the transition from technical CPA to consultant CPA. While programs to build advisory and consultative skills are a dime a dozen and often more formal than they need to be, Transformity focuses on being different. Being different to provide a more simplified, yet impactful, development approach to the growth in advisory and consultative skill sets.

If your firm is committed to moving from compliance to more advisory and consulting-focused, we would love to have the conversation on how we can help!

Consulting and Advisory

Leadership and entrepreneurial consulting 

Lean six sigma green belt

Leadership and entrepreneurial consulting 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification for CPA Firms

In partnership with Ohio State University – Wooster, this program is in its 10th year of training future process, technology and change management leaders within the CPA profession. Whether you are a technical service leader within your firm, or focused on operations / technology in an internal role, or even a consultant / vendor to the profession, this class will provide you the training and tools needed to be a successful change agent within your organization (or to apply the concepts externally to clients).

This program is a great complement to our Lean Six Sigma consulting offerings, as many of our clients over the years have supplemented our external consulting in initial key focus areas with ongoing continuous improvement and further expansion from their internally-led Green Belts. Other firms utilize this training as a DIY option to deploy Lean Six Sigma as well.

Reach out to learn when our next class will be forming!



Gigsourcing™ consulting and implementation strategies

Gigsourcing™ consulting and implementation strategies

Consulting and Implementation Strategies to take advantage of the Outsourced and On-Demand work platforms available to CPA firms. What is Gigsourcing™? It’s looking at the combination of gig-based on-demand platforms and outsourcing service providers to help supplement and bolster the work that is done by CPA firms. Whether your need is to have additional flexible capacity at deadlines, or you want to redeploy your internal resources to more value-add roles and need capacity to get the compliance work done, or you’re looking to connect with experts to deliver consulting services, our Gigsourcing™ consulting offering can help you assess your needs and develop a comprehensive plan to identify the right platform(s) and processes to ensure success.

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