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Transformity serves as a hub of collaboration, insight and successful strategy execution to lead the best organizations in the CPA profession to unparalleled growth and transformation.

Transformity Advisors

  • Strategic Visioning and Planning
  • Process and Technology Optimization
  • Lean Six Sigma Consulting
  • Technology Vendor Consulting



  • Leadership and Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Consulting and Advisory Skill Set Development
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for CPA Firms



Consulting and Implementation Strategies to take advantage of the Outsourced and On-Demand work platforms available to CPA firms


Stop talking about transformation and change – and begin to act, today!

The pace of change isn’t slowing down. It’s easy for a CPA firm and its partner / leadership team to be overwhelmed by all the noise and “best practices” and not know where to begin. We believe in the power of Simplicality™ – finding simple, practical solutions to propel your firm forward. Simple always wins.

Simplistic Innovation

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Simple always wins. Even as the world seems to be getting more complex, the beauty and getting true results is found in the ability to simplify. As you seek to drive change and improvement within your organization, tying the innovation to simplification is a winning strategy we’ve deployed in hundreds of firms over the years.


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Go beyond the buzzwords we’re littered with in the CPA profession to truly drive productive change and improvement within your CPA firm. Your Transformity Solutions consultants have a proven track-record in driving meaningful and results-focused change within the profession. Don’t just talk a good game at your leadership meetings and to your peer networks, back it up with actual results!


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Dustin Hostetler is the industry pioneer in applying Lean Six Sigma to CPA firms, dating back to the mid 2000’s. Combined with Michael Wherry’s practical, real-world experience of over 15 years working inside CPA firms, it becomes a powerful duo to influence positive growth and improvement within firms.

What Our Clients Say

The Transformity team are anchors to the profession offering firms both solid advice and the unleashing of potential. They cut through the clutter and hone-in on what truly matters. Do yourself a favor and bring them in on the front side of a major change to help with alignment, expectations, and identifying real ROI.

Roy Keely

IRIS Practice Engine

It’s amazing how empowered I feel to go out and start addressing some of these pain points we have in the firm. Like I said at the end, I really do feel like this is the path I want to be on in my career, and I finally see where it can take me.

Isaiah Evans

Berntson Porter & Company

Stop talking about transformation and change!

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